5 Things You Need To Know About Anti Aging Serums

Moisturizers are only as effective as the serums and treatments we use underneath. Your first move should be the right move, and unlike moisturizers which provide exceptional hydration and a moisture barrier to the skin, a serum will target you skin concerns, making this your personalised first step into treating your skin. As serums having smaller molecules than moisturisers, they penetrate the skin to deliver active ingredients where they’re most needed - think dryness, inflammation, wrinkles, smoothing. A great anti aging serum is a cocktail of active ingredients designed to treat, repair and replenish.

Here are 5 key takeouts you should familiarize yourself with about anti aging serums.

Serums are a treatment - think of serums as skin boosters, a cocktail of good-for-your-skin nutrients that will transform your skin. They are packed with high powered ingredients in super high concentrations, designed to penetrate where our new cells, collagen and elastin are made. This is a conscious formulation so it can deliver into the deep layers of our epidermis (our first skin layer), where the serum actives will engage biologically. A serum is a delivery system of active and powerful ingredients and more often than not, this is why they are more expensive than moisturizers as they have zero filler ingredients and get to work right away. 

Moisturizers do not replace serums -  Although serums are hydrating, it won’t take the place of your moisturizer. In fact, a serum is what is going to make your moisturizer work harder and more effectively as it has prepared the skin with superiority to lock in and lock down the benefits of your moisturizer. The serum formula contains water based actives among other ingredients, whereas moisturizers contain water, oil and ingredients that combine these two together.

Use Less, Love More - a good serum is definitely one of your biggest skin care investments as you have read above, and as these are so targeted and fluid, one pump really is enough. Although they don't feel as dense as moisturizers, they are so highly concentrated that a little goes a very long way. Being so packed with active ingredients, they are often in glass bottles, and it is important to keep away from any heat and humidity - try and keep your serum in a cool place to preserve their shelf life.

Lower chance of irritation, lesser chance of acne breakouts and oily skin

Keep your skin hydrated, and your skin won’t go overboard producing sebum, therefore making you less oily in the long run. The water based formulation of serums and absence of fillers reduces your risk of irritation and opportunity to clog pores. In fact, water based serums are targeted and concentrated aimed at unclogging the skin and minimize pores, keeping your skin’s PH balanced. Many actives in serums are perfect for curtailing oily skin symptoms.

Who can use them - There is often a misconception that serums are only for those seeking anti aging benefits and should be used from our 30’s onwards. In fact, serums are for all skin types and ages, and provide superior antioxidant protection. It’s never too early to start protecting our skin from the external world, particularly UV and pollution. Biologically, research shows that the natural production of collagen in women can start to slow down in our mid to late 20’s, so getting into a conscious skincare routine will help delay and decrease the visual signs of aging. see When Should You Start Investing In and Protecting Your Skin.

A good serum will wake up the skin and help target the areas of your skin concerns. You want to stimulate the skin and boost it with charged and natural actives that ultimately hold the key to naturally glowing and firmer skin!