Squalane Skin Care Benefits

Squalane is a super moisturising molecule which superbly mimics the skin’s natural hydration, and is a shelf stable version of squalene which is made within the skin’s sebaceous glands. Squalane is an oxidised from of Squalene, which means it is less reactive and is more stable in skincare, keeping the outer skin layer protected and moisturised. It protects by helping restore the skin’s defences, and helps replenish and support the skin barrier for improved skin texture and keeping skin supple and smooth. Squalane is also known to assist in the penetration of other skincare such as serums and aids in the delivery system making it more effective. Immediately and over time, Squalane improves the skin’s elasticity and improves the moisture balance.

Squalane is an exceptional skin hydrator and can prevent ongoing loss of hydration, keeping skin supple and plump. Find it in our Na Pali Pure Anti-Aging Serum.