From Sea To Skin: The Healing Powers of Ocean Botanicals

A swim in the ocean does wonders to the mind, body and spirit. Ever notice that after a swim we feel stronger and more rejuvenated? Our skin tingles and feels new. Our senses are more defined, such as smell and touch. Such is this design by ocean’s nature, and one of the most powerful natural courses of action we can take. 

The catalyst for the creation of Na Pali Pure was this very healing and renewing power of the ocean and what lies beneath. So much is already known and understood about the benefits of the powerful ocean ecosystem, but as ocean botanicals are 6 times more powerful than land based plants and contain 10,000 more times the concentration of terrestrial plants, it is time for us to look at skincare differently and expect more of what is naturally and seasonally available to us.  

Ocean botanicals contain healing and restorative benefits which a part of the sea’s vital life force, allowing the vast array of seaweed, kelp, algae, seagrass and phytoplankton to self sustain, self replenishing and self restore and have done so from earth day 1. The naturally occurring actives in ocean botanicals poses hydrating and replenishing properties which nourish and ‘hug’ our skin’s natural barrier, the epidermis. There is a vast variety of ocean botanicals across the earth, so this post will take you through some of the most effective and form the core of our skincare ethos. 

There are three main types of algae: red, green and brown. What differentiates the three is the level of pigmentation found in their skin, offering each a unique and natural ability to hydrate, protect and repair yours. Some of the skin benefits from this natural source of vitamins and rich minerals include: hydration, pigmentation targeting, heals acne, scarring, irritation and improves skin suppleness, or plumpness. Hawaiian Red Algae which forms the basis of both Na Pali Pure products, leads the charge with amazing overall skincare and antioxidant benefits. It is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by protecting the skin layer from oxidative stress. Such is the power of Hawaiian Red Algae that it is scientifically proven to improve moisture levels by 128%. If you would like to find out more about Hawaiian Red Algae and all of what it has to offer, read Amazing Hawaiian Red Algae (link).

Algae is considered to be a potent, active substance with powerful moisture retention capabilities. By normalising the skin’s moisture content with maximum levels of hydration, the skin suppleness increases making this a powerhouse anti aging resource.  Using algae filled skincare products also adds a superior layer of protection on your skin and combats UV exposure and the harshness of outdoors. For acne and rosacea sufferers, the healing benefits of algae are truly significant, as the entire seaweed family offer anti inflammatory properties that continue to work after the symptoms have cleared.

The truth is that the ocean and what it offers is truly inexhaustible, and our connection to the sea and its benefits is the science that matters in topical skin and body care. To capture the magic of the sea, it is essential to find ways and innovate how we can deliver sea minerals into our epidermis. Ocean botanicals in skin care offer nourishing ingredients that translate to potent activity, and Na Pali Pure is helping pave evidence based skincare derived from ocean botanicals as one of the best forms of anti aging skincare available.

A thought to leave you with: scientists believe the first cell life to form on earth, was a particular type of marine bacteria - a single algae cell. The algae survived and flourished in nutrient rich seawater, and is still here 3.8 billions years later.