Benefits of Argireline in Skin Care

Argireline is a very specific synthetic peptide that fights against wrinkles and aging, in that it has a targeted effect on the prevention of wrinkle formation.  It is a powerful inhibitor of muscle contractions, and works brilliantly in areas such as the forehead, around the mouth and eyes which inherently are the areas of repeated muscle movement.  It interferes with a protein receptor complex which causes the muscle movement and results in fewer muscle contractions. 

Argireline has a two way wrinkle fighting effect, in that it prevents wrinkles from forming and optimises the function of collagen by increasing the production of collagen. Additionally, it helps skin retain moisture as it assists in allocation of moisture to the applied areas. 

It is a dynamic ingredient in skincare and is responsible for firm, healthy and taut skin.

Argireline is a peptide that targets wrinkle formation by inhibiting the repeated muscle contractions that cause wrinkles. Find it in our Na Pali Anti-Aging Serum.